Honda Marine Outboards - Sales and Service

Honda Marine’s reliable, durable 4-stroke engines are quiet, economical, convenient to operate, & powerful! All Honda Marine outboard engines are environmentally friendly to air and water. Nothing else runs like a Honda and nothing else looks like a Honda. All engines exceed EPA 2006 standards.

  • Portable HP - Honda offers an excellent selection of light, powerful 'portable engines' for use on canoes, inflatables, sailboats, and small fishing boats. These include the BF2 HP, BF5 HP, BF8/9.9 HP and BF15/20 HP.

  • Mid-Range HP - Our powerful, smooth-running mid-range horsepower engines are designed to give you the ultimate performance, convenience, and operating efficiency on pontoons, light fishing boats, bay boats, and inflatables. These include BF25/30 HP, BF40/50 HP and BF75/90 HP.

  • High HP - Honda’s high-horsepower engines give you the ultimate in power, fuel efficiency and durability. These include BF115/130 HP, BF135/150 HP, and BF200/225 HP.

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