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174 Crowell Road, Chatham, MA 02633
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* Name * Make Ready Date
* Mailing Address * Local Phone #
Off Cape Phone #
* Boat Cell Phone #
Engine Work Phone #
* Mooring Location * Email Address
Please Check Off Work Requested
Same as last commissioning Inspect Mooring
Do not commission/ Store for the season Set Mooring lbs.
Pick Up Boat Remove Winter Spar/ Rig Gear
Paint Bottom Scrub & Oil Teak
Buff & Wax Hull Polish Stainless
Wash Boat Wax Interior of Boat
Battery Charge Check Steering
Tune Up Engine Check Lights
Inboard- I/O Work Check Bilge Pump
Launch Boat (will meet at ramp? Yes No) Check Instruments
Deliver Boat to: Trailer Storage
Customer Will Pick Up Summer Boat/ Trailer Parking
Step Mast/ Rig Spars/ Rig Sail Deliver Trailer to
Rig Canvas & Gear Paint & Varnish Work
Trailer Inspection  
Additional Work/Repairs

This agreement is between Chatham Boat Company, 174 Crowell Road, Chatham, MA and the undersigned owner. In consideration of the covenants and conditions set herein, the parties agree as follows:

Chatham Boat Company hereby gives to owner permission to store owners boat on the above Chatham Boat Company premises for the agreed seasonal period and for the agreed upon published fee with acceptance of the conditions herein set forth.

Owner shall at all times maintain a comprehensive liability insurance police. Chatham Boat Company shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property or equipment left on owner's boat or trailer.

Chatham Boat Company shall have statutory maritime liens (Federal and State) upon the boat, motor or trailer to secure any and all service or materials owed to Chatham Boat Company during term of any storage, launching, hauling or any service supplied. Owner shall not remove said property from Chatham Boat Company property without express consent of Chatham Boat Company or until all charges secured by any such liens have been paid in full.

Owner agrees to reimburse Chatham Boat Company for reasonable attorney fees and costs relations to a suit or other collection efforts by Chatham Boat Company against owner to college any amounts due under this agreement or any other amounts due from services rendered by Chatham Boat Company.

Owner agrees to have boat covered by a full marine watercraft insurance package (hull, motor, contents and equipment) while boat is in the possession of Chatham Boat Company. Owner further agrees to release and discharge Chatham Boat Company from and all responsibilities or liability for injury, death, loss of damage to person or property in connection with Chatham Boat Company storage facility. This release and discharge shall cover without limitation any loss or damage resulting from Chatham Boat Company employees parking, moving, hauling or launching owner's boat. Owner shall hold Chatham Boat Company harmless against and vandalism, theft, fire, hail, wind, ice, snow, rain or any other damage occurring while in possession of Chatham Boat Company which is weather related or in any other way beyond the reasonable control of Chatham Boat Company.